The following Terms and Conditions apply to all lesson agreements made between Creative Music Academy (CMA) and it’s students/parents or caregivers.

  1. Lessons:  Individual, private lessons will be given once a week.  The length of the lesson can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length depending on the age and level of ability of the student.  Lessons are given year round.  CMA will notify you of any changes to this policy.
  2. Lesson Times:  The day and time of the lesson will be mutually agreed upon between student/parent or caregiver and CMA.  If a different day and time is needed, notice must be given to CMA at least 24 hours in advance or student may forfeit that lesson and be responsible for payment.
  3. Absences:  If a student needs to miss a lesson for any reason, the student or parent/caregiver MUST contact CMA as soon as possible.  CMA will try to reschedule that lesson whenever possible.  If a student misses a lesson without notification, then that lesson is forfeited and they are responsible for payment of that lesson.
  4. Teacher Absences:  If a teacher needs to miss a lesson, they will notify the student/parent or caregiver with as much notice as possible.  The teacher will also do their best to reschedule that lesson at a mutually agreeable day and time,  If not solution can be reached, the student will not be responsible for payment.
  5. Cancellation of Lessons: If a student wants to discontinue their lessons with CMA, we request that CMA be notified and given a 2 week notice.
  6. Tuition: Tuition is due at the time of service.  No lesson will be given without payment unless prior arrangements have been made and approved by CMA.  Tuition payments can be made by check made payable to:  Creative Music Academy, or by PayPal or Venmo.  If a check is returned for insufficient funds, an additional fee of $25.00 will be charged.  Lessons will not  be provided for any account that is in arrears.  Lessons will be reinstated once the account has been brought current.7
  7. Financial Aid:  Please speak to the director of CMA regarding any financial hardships as special arrangements may be possible on a case by case basis.
  8. Photography/Video:  CMA may take student photos and/or videos for use in their promotional materials.  A Photo/Video Release form must be signed by the student/parent or caregiver.  You have to the option to decline by signing a waiver as well.10.
  9. Contact Information:  Any questions, problems or concerns may be addressed to:  info@creativemusicacademy.com.