Piano and Voice Lessons

Piano lessons are available for students age 7 and up.  Your child will learn to read music, play simple melodies and begin to understand rhythmic notation.

Piano lessons for children under 7 years old can also be arranged.  Contact the Director for more information.

Voice students will work on breath control and posture and begin how to use their body as an instrument.  Age appropriate songs will be chosen to work on these concepts as well as diction, phrasing and musiciality.

$30 for a 1/2 hr lesson and are taught in person if possible or online via Zoom.

Group Lessons

Group lessons can be a fun way to learn an instrument and make new friends in an encouraging environment.

Lessons are taught to the group and then each student takes a turn to be in the “spotlight”.  That student unmutes and performs for the class and gets feedback.

Classes are offered in voice, piano, recorder and ukulele for students age 7 and up.

$85 per month.  Group classes are 30 minutes and taught online via Zoom.

Class size limit is 4 students.


Summer Music Theatre Camps

Students will have fun learning about musical theatre.
Two camps to choose from!


Sing Your Worries Away
This is a 6 week class designed for adults who want to both learn how to use their voice and get the health benefits of singing.

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