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Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are available for students age 7 and up.  Your child will learn to read music, play simple melodies and begin to understand rhythmic notation.

Lessons are 30 minutes and taught online via Zoom.

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons can begin at age 7 with the focus on vocal health.  Students will learn how to breath and use proper vocal technique.  Musical concepts such as note reading, rhythmic notation and phrasing will be taught.

Voice lessons are 30 minutes and taught online via Zoom.

Age appropriate music will be selected.

Group Lessons

Group lessons in piano, voice and recorder are offered in an online format as well.  Lessons are taught to the group and then each student takes a turn to be in the “spotlight”.  That student unmutes and performs for the class and gets feedback.

Beginner group lessons will be 30 minutes and taught online via Zoom.

I’m Karen Mercer and I have over 25 years experience as a music educator.  I earned my BM in Music Education and my MM in Choral Conducting.  My students have ranged from 6 months old to 95.  Helping students discover their creativity is my passion.


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What my students say


My family has known Karen Mercer for over 7 years.  My oldest daughter started taking private piano lessons when she was 7 years old.  Over the years, Emily’s love of music has grown.  Her technique has improved and I can see such confidence beaming from Emily due to Karen’s constant encouragement.  Karen has supported and helped Emily break out of her shell.  Karen’s passion for music as seen through my oldest has now reached my two sons.    My oldest son takes clarinet lessons from Karen and I am amazed at how much progress he has made in a short period of time.  My younger son plays the piano and you can see how much Karen has influenced these children.  My two younger daughters will be taking lessons from Karen within the next year or two.  Karen is a talented, kind, patient and wonderful teacher.  It has been a joy watching my older children learn music from Karen who has truly found her calling.  She works well with families and is flexible.  I recommend Karen to anyone who is just starting out with an instrument or who wants to continue to get better.

Jibby K.

Ava really enjoyed leaning how to play the piano at Creative Music Academy.  The price was very reasonable for her weekly lessons.  Karen was very flexible with our hectic schedule.  She always brought enthusiasm to each lesson that she taught.  I would highly recommend Karen to anybody who has ever wished to learn how to play the piano.  She has strong background in music.  What a beautiful soul!

Nicole C.

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